Sexist Journalism

Posted on: 08,Aug 2018

I find it hugely funny when journalists get all preachy and moralistic about the lack of gender equality in reporting in the media; which somehow they are not part of as a journalist in the media; I have never quite understood that. But the fact that journalists are hypocrites does not mean that they do not have a point.

Working in the adult entertainment industry, especially with high-class escort agencies in Ibiza like Ibiza Beauties from The Ibiza Escort Agency and Allys Angels Escort Ibiza, I am always astonished by writers who bang on about equality, feminism and “a woman's right to...(fill in the blank)” but then scream, mischaracterize and objectify women who voluntarily choose to make a very good living as professional escorts.

Anyway, an interview in Cosmopolitan UK that can be seen on YouTube, a journalist actually earned my respect and made me belly laugh as well as making a powerful point in a very persuasive manner. It was during the press junket for The Avengers: Age Of Ultron and the interviewees were Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson.

The journalist just had the very simple idea of asking Mr Ruffalo the type of questions female stars normally get asked, and Ms Johansson the questions that her male co-stars are normally presented with. So he is asked about his diet and what he will be wearing to the premier. She is quizzed about fight choreography, character development and her workouts, Brilliant.

Mr Ruffalo deserves recognition for his reaction throughout. Ms Johansson was obviously delighted and thought the whole thing great fun. So did he right at the start, before the shock set in. At one point he even turns and asks his fellow actor “do they really ask you that?” and is genuinely shocked when the answer is yes. Point made, very nicely played. I wonder how some of the other male actors would have responded?

This did make me think, though, about how journalists treat and describe woman in other oarts of the entertainment industry. Ms Johansson is paid (apparently) 15 million dollars a movie and I am sure that she is worth every penny. But in large part, her career is based on being sexy and attractive.