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Give Your Clients What They Want

Posted on: 10,Sep 2018

Give Your Clients What They Want

If you are new to the sex and escortng industry, I would like tyo save you quite a lot of time by giving you some down to earth and Gods honest true about clients and advertising. This might open your eyes and guide in you in some useful directions. Long-term escorts might recognize some home truths that they have come to recognise as well. If you are somewhere in between novice and veteran levels, this article might enlighten you further with regard to your chosen career.

The first annoying but true fact about prospects is that they do not read the words (copy) in your adverts or profiles. It does not matter whether you are listing yourself as the sexiest escort Marbella has ever seen on an escort directory, advertising directly via the likes of Adult Work, or working with an escort agency. Te basic rule is that any guy who will read every word you have written, especially if your profile or advert is a long one, is not going to book with you. There may be exceptions, but asa general rule, anyone who reads everything is a time waster.

Include basic and obvious facts that your clients are sure to want to know: Your measurements, height and hair colour. Your general image/theme/style/niche. And the include a few other details that might intrigue him or give him something to talk about with you when you first meet up. With all of that having been said, it is still important to ensure that your profile is free of grammatical errors, uses appropriate language for the market that you are aiming for, and makes no promises that you can not or do not want to live up to. If you say you can suck a golf ball through a garden hose, you had better be able to prove it!

Clients and prospective clients do not read your words avidly and with bated breath. However, do not look they do study pictures. In great detail. Often while one of their hands is occupied. While your ads might be brilliantly crafted, witty and fall into the category of autobiographical masterpiece, the reality is that your pictures are what really interests, motivators, inspires and – yes, turns on - the average client. Your average clients wants to know what you look like before he makes contact. Men are visual and they need their eyes aroused before you engage them with your wit, style, intelligence ad erotic talents.